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Interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency! Live stream your business content with nanoStream Cloud and go live around the world in 1 second.

By enabling true ultra-low latency live streaming on any device and now with ABR support, nanoStream Cloud empowers businesses to engage their audiences and expand their services and global footprint even better than before. nanoStream Cloud includes: nanoStream H5Live Player for ultra-low latency playback on any mobile and desktop browser, including Safari on iOS; nanoStream ULL CDN and the new nanoStream Analytics for improved QoS and QoE.

nanoStream Cloud is the flagship product of nanocosmos, a Berlin-based company with more than twenty years of experience in the audio and video industry. 

Product Description

Go live around the world in 1 second with nanoStream Cloud!

Webcasts, Live Auctions, iGaming, eSports, Betting, Security & Monitoring, Fan-Engagement or even First Responders. With nanoStream Cloud businesses worldwide are creating exciting ultra-low latency user experiences to engage their audiences.

nanoStream Cloud includes every must-have feature an interactive use case with a global audience requires:

  • nanoStream ULL CDN: global footprint to reach your players everywhere in the world
  • nanoStream H5Live Player: ultra-low latency playback on any desktop or mobile browser, including Safari on iOS
  • nanoStream Analytics: insights on your workflow and improved Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
  • Flexible live encoding: stream directly from your browser with nanoStream Webcaster – or use your own RTMP live encoder
  • NEW Adaptive Bitrate: auto-adjust the playback quality based on your viewers’ internet connections
  • Instant Live Streaming for multiple camera streams
  • reliable 24/7 operation
  • Secure streaming / Synced playback
  • Tagging / Transcoding / Live recording / Screen sharing
  • Works with enterprise / firewalls
  • Easy to integrate to existing live streaming workflows


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