The Shortlist: 2020 European Readers' Choice Finalists

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We've counted all the votes, and we'll be announcing the winners of the 2020 Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards in the Autumn issue of the European edition of Streaming Media magazine (as well as right here in mid-September). This year's 12th-annual awards saw nearly 200 products nominated in 15 categories, and voters cast more than 6,000 votes.

Defining these categories is always a delicate balancing act—make them too broad, and they’re meaningless; make them too narrow, and we’d need hundreds of them to cover the gamut. Each year, we evaluate the categories to make sure they’re as representative as possible of all the companies in the streaming media market, then open up the call for nominations. This year, we also drew a line in the sand and only considered companies with headquarters in Europe and the UK. (We are accepting nominations for companies based in the U.S. and rest of the world in our U.S. Readers' Choice Awards until 20 August.)

In the meantime, here's the shortlist of the finalists—the top three vote-getters in each category, in alphabetical order. Check back next month for the winners, and make sure you're subscribed to our weekly Streaming Media Europe Xtra newsletter to make sure you get the news first.

Analytics/Quality of Service Platform

Nice People at Work – YOUBORA Suite 6
StriveCast - Video Analytics
ThinkAnalytics - ThinkInsight

Best Streaming Innovation

Broadpeak – S4Streaming
THEO Technologies - High Efficiency Streaming Protocol
V-Nova - V-Nova LCEVC

Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Services

MainConcept - MainConcept AVC SDK
M2A Media - VOD Workflow
Vidispine - VidiNet

Content Delivery Network

Anevia - NEA-CDN
Edgeware AB - TV CDN
StriveCast - P2P CDN 

Content Protection

castLabs - DRMtoday
Vualto - VUDRM

Corporate Video Platform

nanocosmos - nanoStream Cloud
Quickchannel – Quickchannel Platform
Streamroot - Streamroot DNA Enterprise

Encoding/Transcoding Solution

ATEME - Encoder
MainConcept - MainConcept HEVC SDK
V-Nova - LCEVC

Hardware/Software Server

Broadpeak - Video Streaming Servers
Edgeware - Edgeware TV server
Unified Streaming - Unified Origin

Live Streaming Platform/Service

Flumotion - Live Video Platform
Groovy Gecko - Live Streaming Services
The Streaming Company - Live Video Services

Media Asset Management

iconik - Smart Media Management
Tedial - Hybrid Cloud
Vimond - Content Manager

Mobile Video App/Solution

castLabs - PRESTOplay for Android/iOS
Norigin Media - TV Apps
Veeplay - Mobile Video Solutions

OTT Video Platform

Accedo - Accedo One
Axinom – OTT Video Platform
Vimond - Media Solutions

Streaming Services Provider

Clevercast – Clevercast
Groovy Gecko - Streaming Services
StreamAMG - Streaming Services 

Video Advertising Solution - Bee-On
Norigin Media - AdScan
Yospace - Ad Insertion

Video Player Solution/SDK

Medialooks - MFormats SDK        
Radiant Media Player - Radiant Media Player
THEO Technologies - THEOplayer

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