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Demands for interactive streaming - streaming with ultra-low latency to enable smooth interaction - is at an all-time high. This is because with communication across industries we aim to engage audiences, often worldwide and at any given time. While traditional use cases like live auctions, games and bets hold a stronger position than ever, various new scenarios made it to the forefront position when it comes to bidirectional streaming: Townhall meetings with vivid discussions, polls, microbetting and even engaging concerts can happen online or in hybrid format.


However, the landscape has changed. Today’s viewers expect high quality interactive streaming, no matter if they are on the bus or access a stream from a remote location. On the other hand, content providers are facing new requirements with new technology like AI and higher expectations on all ends: Content Delivery Networks have to provide a reliable base for 24/7 operations without interruptions and for most streams security is a necessity. On top, technology is changing constantly while content providers need to rely on a solution that is easy to implement.


Interactive live streaming offers a dynamic and engaging experience by allowing real-time interactions between content creators and viewers. As the demands continue to evolve, it becomes essential to provide tailored solutions for each use case, so content providers can meet their objectives. nanocosmos, with its extensive expertise, has positioned itself as a reliable partner in this landscape. By prioritizing a client-focused approach, nanocosmos ensures that their solution can be customized to meet the unique requirements of every use case. The key components for Quality of Service and Quality of Experience lie in the comprehensive infrastructure that encompasses a global network (CDN), real-time adaptive player compatible with all browsers, and additional tools such as Analytics and Security protection. These components work together seamlessly to address the current quality of service requirements of interactive live streaming at 100% uptime.

Infographic: interactive live streaming

Infographic: interactive live streaming.

Interactive live streaming has transformed the way we engage with content and opened up exciting opportunities across various industries. nanocosmos, as a trusted B2B interactive live streaming provider, understands the importance of catering to the specific needs of each use case.

Oliver Lietz, CEO of nanocosmos, emphasizes the company’s commitment to driving innovations in the field of interactive live streaming. Lietz: “We at nanocosmos will continue to be part of this landscape as a reliable partner with a strong R&D background to drive innovations and to hold our strong position with a client focussed approach. This allows us to customize our interactive streaming solution according to the need of each use case.”

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