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LiveU offers a set of innovative, high-quality IP-video solutions for any live production – the LiveU EcoSystem. Produce more content for less effort, time and cost. We help you share your story with a global audience in the most engaging way, while adding efficiency and shortening your workflow. Our rich portfolio ranges from our portable multi-cam/compact 5G encoders for live transmission to next-gen cloud ingest, digital production and global distribution solutions. With over 5,000 customers in 150 countries and world-class customer support, LiveU’s technology is the solution of choice for global broadcasters, sports, production houses, public safety and other organizations.

Product Description

Expand your viewership and grow your business with the most dynamic, engaging live content. The LiveU EcoSystem offers a set of innovative IP-video solutions, ranging from contribution and production to distribution, for high-quality live coverage and cost-effective remote productions. 

With LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™) sitting at the very heart of LiveU’s EcoSystem, enterprise-class interoperability is assured, providing customers with maximum flexibility and adaptability, all underpinned by market-leading reliability and quality.

LiveU's award-winning solutions include our:

  • Flagship LU800 production-level 5G field unit with multi-camera capabilities
  • Compact LU300S 5G 4K solution for live streaming on-the-go
  • LiveU Solo PRO, our plug and play 5G 4K live streaming bonding encoder
  • LiveU Matrix cloud-based management platform for cost-effective IP-based content distribution
  • LiveU Ingest, our automatic recording and story metadata tagging solution 
  • LiveU Studio, the first cloud IP live video production service to natively support LRT™





Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • LiveU's Sports Broadcast Solutions
    Revolutionize your live sports productions with the highest-quality, reliable live IP video solutions. Contact our sports experts to learn how LiveU delivers flawless and dynamic live video for every type of sporting event. Ensure superior video transmission with optimal color depth and richness: up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR over 70 Mbps HEVC encoding and down to 400 ms glass to glass latency.
  • LiveU's Remote At-Home Production/REMI
    Cover more events and go live from anywhere with a proven and cost-effective set-up. LiveU delivers an end-to-end solution for live remote production (REMI) with the highest-quality, reliable live IP video transmission and distribution solutions.
  • LiveU's Solutions for Production Houses
    Produce live events that engage with audiences and meet your client’s business objectives. LiveU’s cost-effective, reliable IP video transmission solutions allow you to produce the highest quality live events – whatever the industry or budget. We offer solutions for any production type including corporate, entertainment, sports, government and religious.
  • LiveU Case Studies
    Check out our latest customer stories from around the world – covering news, sports and other live video productions.
  • The LiveU EcoSystem
    The LiveU EcoSystem is our set of innovative IP-video solutions, designed to add efficiency and shorten workflows for any live video production. It helps you create more, for less, while reducing content creation complexity. Open and flexible, the EcoSystem offers a high degree of compatibility and integration with other best-of-breed technologies – enabling you to elevate your production value, captivating and growing your audiences with creative live content.

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