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Vimond Media Solutions AS
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Vimond Media Solutions offers a modular, browser-based, online video platform with a highly efficient workflow for delivery of OTT live streams and VOD. The solutions are tailored to broadcasters, distributors and content owners around the world, providing an optimised, flexible and scalable platform to fit the needs of each customer. With headquarters in Bergen, Norway, and regional offices in New York, Sydney, and San Francisco, Vimond powers services for leading brands globally such as Thomson Reuters, iflix, Telia and Kayo (Streamotion). Vimond helps these companies to reach a rapidly changing digital audience by providing unique technology and expertise. 

Product Description


Vimond’s modular online video platform can be customised to fit the requirements and workflows of each customer. Vimond offers a core platform, plus a range of optional modules, which enables a multitude of possible configurations and easy integration points.

The products that form the foundation of the Vimond platform are Vimond Control Center, Content Manager, Orchestrator, and Content Delivery APIs. This configuration includes an interface to administer the platform and manage video assets and metadata, a workflow engine to process the video, and client-facing APIs, which allows end-users applications to search and fetch metadata.

Vimond's add-on modules Content Curator, Live Channel Planner, and Monetization can be added to the package as part of a personalised solution to fit the specific needs of broadcasters, telcos, and content owners.

Vimond Control Center (VCC)

Vimond Control Center is the administrative tool for the flexible, scalable platform, which is used by broadcasters and content owners around the world to efficiently manage their global online video services. Being a browser-based admin tool, Vimond Control Center lets publishers, editors and rights managers access all the modules they need in one place, while system administrators control access and permissions for all users. Depending on your needs, we set up tailored modules to provide the best workflow. 

A part of VCC is the p
layer features, which is a customisable service for building a fully-featured end-user portal. Use player features to develop a rich user experience in your portal and access the user’s viewing history to engage your audience. The flexible tool includes features such as resume playback, save and share playlists, chaptering, device registration, DRM licensing and user feedback.   

Vimond Orchestrator

Vimond Orchestrator is the backend workflow engine. Orchestrator manages the flow of online video from ingest through media asset management to distribution and playout. It includes built-in support for a full range of ingest and playout formats, external systems and storage types, as well as side-loading of audio and subtitles. Vimond Orchestrator is incredibly flexible, scalable and efficient.

Vimond Content Manager

Vimond Content Manager is a user-friendly tool for managing all aspects of your video assets. As a content manager or editor, you can use the tool to enhance content by adding chaptering and subtitles, quickly defining publishing windows, selecting promotional images from the image bank and then publishing to your customer portal.

Vimond Content Delivery APIs

The Content Delivery APIs make it easy for client applications to search for and retrieve the metadata they need when the end-users request content. Efficiently access data about assets, catalogs, curated lists and images. The advanced search engine allows content to be queried, filtered and sorted on almost any property. By scaling horizontally, large amounts of traffic can be handled, while remaining cost-effective.

Vimond Live Channel Planner

Live Channel Planner makes it easy to schedule and monitor a large number of live channels. It lets you define channels, set up encoder sources and monitor inbound live feeds. It also imports EPGs (electronic program guides) to create programs, which can be viewed together with your channels in the timeline view. Furthermore, it marks programs to be saved permanently as VOD assets or saved temporarily for catch-up TV. Lastly, it automates program scheduling, for greater efficiency and fewer errors.

Vimond Content Curator

Vimond Content Curator allows you to promote featured content in your customer portal and easily organise content in your carousels, menus and featured lists. Designed for content managers, editors and curators, this tool features a user-friendly interface and advanced search options that make lists easy to create and straightforward to manage. Bookmark your favorite playlists to make regular adjustments even easier.

Vimond Monetization

Vimond Monetization is the subscription manager module. It lets you manage content, pricing, and payment. Use this powerful business tool to organise your subscription plans, map them to associated content, and manage end-user payment. Product managers can set the pricing, duration, and availability of plans, manage subscriptions, renewals and vouchers. Then they can rely on our flexible payment integrations for authentication and payment.                                                                                                   

Vimond IO

On top of that, Vimond Media Solutions has developed an innovative, cloud-based storytelling tool for the new world of television. The tool empowers today´s video editors with a modern alternative to the traditional on-premise, single-user workstation solutions.

Vimond IO is a fully-featured, browser-based video editor that saves you time and streamlines your workflow. The tool allows editors to quickly produce high quality and frame-accurate video stories, at any time, from any location, together.

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