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Vimond Media Solutions AS
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Vimond is a leading provider of video content management solutions. Our flagship product, Vimond VIA, empowers broadcasters, telcos, and other content rights-holders to effortlessly ingest, manage, and distribute their video library to any application or streaming service. Whether you're looking to seamlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem or need an end-to-end solution from media acquisition to delivery, VIA has you covered. We're proud to serve some of the world's most renowned online TV brands, including Comcast, Thomson Reuters, TV 2, TV4, Streamotion, Telstra, and many other global broadcasters and streaming services.




Product Description

Vimond VIA - Video CMS 

Vimond offers a comprehensive video content management system that allows broadcasters, telcos, and other content holders to easily ingest, manage and distribute their video library to their streaming service. Our modular, browser-based VIA platform boasts a highly efficient delivery of OTT live streams and VOD, providing complete support across the entire workflow, from media ingest and asset management to metadata enrichment and distribution. VIA is flexible, and user-friendly and can seamlessly integrate with any existing systems and workflows, or offer a complete end-to-end solution from media acquisition to delivery. With our APIs, you can easily integrate VIA with your preferred solution for specialist capabilities.


With Vimond VIA you can add metadata to your videos and structure content into categories and catalogues. VIA also lets editorial teams choose how the content is displayed and arranged in collections and carousels by giving them the ability to promote featured content and create lists for customer segments or specialist areas of interest. This includes categorising all content into the right groups (e.g. series, episodes, movies, live or sporting events). With VIA we allow users to connect viewers to their content and produce compelling experiences that will keep users engaged. 


Vimond's add-on modules are VIA Orchestrate, VIA Monetise, VIA profiles and VIA Data as part of a personalised solution to fit the specific needs of broadcasters, telcos, and content owners.


VIA Orchestrate

VIA Orchestrate is a video-on-demand workflow solution to route your live and VOD pipeline through the Vimond VIA OTT platform. With seamless integration into the Vimond VIA streaming and content management system, VIA Orchestrate is the plug-and-play video pipeline solution for OTT, meaning you don't need access to video processing expertise to get up and running.  


VIA Monetise

VIA Monetise is the product you need to create and manage packages of content and subscriptions for specific countries and support multiple currencies to connect your viewers to content - no matter their location. With VIA monetise you can set flexible rules for video monetisation, pricing, payment plans, recurring billing, and stimulate content purchases. Use vouchers to re-engage and reward audiences, encourage viewer upgrade and downgrade of product packages in line with demand or risk of churn. Automate renewals and payments for active subscriptions.


VIA Profiles

VIA Profiles enables you to convert your audience into a dedicated subscriber base, allowing you to collect email addresses and request viewers to log in to access exclusive content. By doing so, you gain deeper insights into individuals, laying the foundation for enhancing viewer experiences and adding more advanced capabilities to your OTT service.


VIA Data

An OTT service exposes a wealth of data, from player stats to website analytics and app information. VIA Data enables you to aggregate data from a variety of sources into a data warehouse or an advanced analytics system.


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