Vimond Makes On-Demand Video Viewing Social With Connect

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Norway's Vimond Media Solutions has figured out a way to add social interactions to on-demand video. While social chat is popular with live video, it isn't used in on-demand settings since seeing other people's comments would cause spoilers. The over-the-top video specialists at Vimond have gotten around that limitation with Vimond Connect, a feature that ties a comment to a specific place in the video. A posted comment only shows up when other viewers reach the same place in the video, providing the fun of social activity without the possibility of spoilers.

“Social media interaction is the lifeblood of most people’s digital experience today, and yet until now there has not been an easy and coherent way to integrate it with VOD services,” says Helge Høibraaten, Vimond's CEO. “With the decline in linear TV viewing, media consumption has become a more solitary activity, but previous pilots have shown that viewers really value the facility to share their reactions and thoughts as they watch.”

If a Vimond Connect comment gets a reply, the original poster receives a notification so that discussions can continue long after a video has been viewed. The feature also lets viewers see comments by hashtag or watch a compilation of most-commented moments. Comments can be limited to a select group, and the feature integrates with Facebook and Twitter.

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