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VUALTO are experts in cloud based OTT Video Orchestration and Encyption, developing streaming solutions on a global scale. With three key products, VUALTO CONTROL HUB (VCH) video orchestration, CLIP2VU video clipping and  VUDRM content protection, VUALTO deliver video content in a way that is adaptable, scalable & intelligent.

Working globally, VUALTO develop video orchestration and encryption solutions for a host of industries to include: Broadcasters, Sports, Governments, Media & Entertainment, OTT Service Providers and Telecoms & Operators.

Product Description



VUALTO CONTROL HUB (VCH) is a flexible and scalable video orchestration and delivery platform, providing solutions for live, VOD and Live2VOD streaming.  

VCH’s pluggable architecture allows integration with Encoders, Streaming Servers, CDN’s, DRM And Players to deliver end to end video streaming solutions.

Key Features

  • Support for Live, VOD and LIVE2VOD Streaming
  • Multi deployment options
  • Works across all major cloud providers
  • Dynamic delivery pipelines for scalability
  • CMS with comprehensive search and user management
  • Prebuilt integrations with origin servers and encoders.
  • Preview and monitor streams at every stage
  • Continuous archive of live event for flexible LIVE2VOD
  • Flexible ingest workflows with call-backs
  • Multi-audio and subtitle support
  • Social media distribution
  • Build custom metadata schemas


CLIP2VU enables Content Owners to easily create frame accurate clips and highlights from live streams or VOD assets.

Clips can be stitched together and quickly made available for distribution across social media channels or for ingest into asset-management systems using VCH.

Key Features

  • Frame Accurate Clipping of Live and VOD
  • Multiple clip stitching
  • Clip from multiple video sources
  • Support for custom metadata
  • Make GIFs & JPEGs from clips
  • Audio track selection
  • Preview & publish workflow
  • Scheduled clip creation
  • Syndication to social media
  • Integration with own CMS or OVP
  • Searchable clip library
  • Slate Insertionorld


VUDRM is our studio approved multi-DRM platform, which is trusted by broadcasters globally. VUDRM ensures that your live and VOD content arrives securely to your chosen audience regardless of device or player.

VUDRM provides a flexible content protection solution, with ready made player and streaming server integration.


Key Features

  • Multi-vendor studio approved DRM
  • PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay Streaming, CENC
  • Multi region, multi-zone, cloud hosted for high availability
  • Support for Live, Offline playback, SVOD, TVOD and AVOD
  • CPIX support for standardized key exchange
  • Support CBCS for CMAF
  • Common API for key and token generation
  • Flexible DRM policy per license request
  • Highly scalable to cope with peaky demand
  • Secure playback across multiple devices
  • Documented integration with commercial and open source players
  • Monitored and supported by our 24/7 NOC
  • Solutions for IFE with offline DRM


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