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SharpStream are audio streaming experts, providing a market-leading intelligent distribution network that enables our customers to stream content. We provide audio content producers with an innovative streaming platform for all live and on-demand audio content, connecting content publishers with users worldwide and delivering billions of listening hours annually.

We enable our customers to distribute, monetise and report their content globally through our cutting-edge platform while saving them the cost and headache of bespoke tech development.

SharpStream offers audio streaming, distribution and management solutions for events, sports gatherings, education institutions, religious institutions, communities, governments, podcasters and radio stations of all sizes.


Product Description

The Services we Offer:

Office Hour Support:

9 am to 5 pm call/email support, stream health monitoring, silence detection and customisable notifications

Live Streaming:

Stream your station, event or podcast live on websites, apps and third-party platforms 

Radio Broadcast Capture:

Record the output of your live stream to use as listen-again or catch up services

Curated Fallback Loop:

Allow listeners to fallback to a curated playlist when your stream is disconnected to ensure you don't drop a listener


Publish, distribute, monetise and analyse all your podcast easily


IAB-compliant analytics provides you with information such as total listening hours, countries, platforms, devices and more


All podcasts and live streams are ready for programmatic pre-roll and mid-roll monetisation with industry-leading partners

24/7 Support:

Premium support ensures your queries are prioritised with access to our team of Support Engineers whenever you need them


Our Tools:


Automatically record, publish, distribute, monetise and analyse with Timbre.

Timbre is a media management and streaming platform built for audio broadcasters and podcasters. Its feature-rich toolset is designed to deliver audio from events or studios to live and on-demand audiences around the world.

Built-in IAB compliant analytics provide insights to better understand your audiences, while Timbre provides the toolset to reach them effortlessly.

Simply said: you create, we deliver. 

Key Features:

Podcast Management:

Manage all your podcasts simply with custom approval workflows, publishing automation, chapter markers, audio editing and season, episode and trailer management

Radio/Event on Demand:

Use recording templates to schedule audio recordings from a live stream and make it available to your listeners in under 5 minutes


Compatible RSS feeds allows distribution to all major directories, or allow your listeners to share content directly from your branded media player to WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter


Add your own custom pre-rolls or make use of our partnerships with industry-leaders to monetise your content


IAB-compliant analytics provides information on plays, listen-through rates, platforms, countries and more


SharpStream Portal

Simplify audio streaming management, monetisation, analysis and support with Portal.

The SharpStream Portal is an intelligent and scalable audio streaming technology that sits across the verticals of distribution, configuration, analytics and support. The toolset allows publishers to simplify audio streaming management, monetisation and analysis for all stations in their portfolio.

Key Features:

User Management: 

Control which users have access to your stations and what they are able to do

Station Management: 

Access your essential information such as live connected listeners, connection status, incidents, listen-links, embed player and encoder settings

Customisable Notification System:

Specify the type of notifications your team needs to receive (email, Slack, SMS), their contactable hours and the outage/silence thresholds that trigger the notifications


Monitor and report on connection statuses, metadata and ad triggers with our monitoring tools


View live historical (live connections as they happened) & historical stats (successful & unique connections logged on disconnection) by Station or group of Stations


Key Functions Provided by the SharpStream Network:

24/7 Service: 

We actively monitor every element of the network 24/7 to ensure we never miss a beat.  

Programmatic Monetisation: 

We integrate directly into the latest ad-technology, giving you the opportunity to monetise your content.  

Rock-solid Network: 

We broadcast your content through our privately owned infrastructure with core routing capabilities to ensure the best quality experience, every time.  

Simple, reliable, flexible and smart, SharpStream is the ultimate package for streaming

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