July 18, 2013

Featured News

CDN.net Begins Offering Live Video Support

The newly launched commitment-free CDN offers live support from North American and European locations, with more to come.

VideoElephant Launches, Offers Fully-Edited Video News, How-Tos

An Irish start-up is making it simple for sites to purchase and monetize finished videos on a variety of topics.

Ericsson Will Acquire Red Bee Media

The communications giant wants a bigger part of the broadcast services market, noting that mobile video is growing by 60 percent each year.

Featured Articles

How to Encode for Desktop, Mobile, and OTT

It takes multiple streams to reach every viewer on every device, but the smart content owner creates as few as possible. Here's the winning strategy.

Streaming Forum: Addressing DASH and HEVC Benefits and Roadbumps

An expert panel sees big advantages in the combination of HEVC and MPEG-DASH, although some issues still need to be resolved.

Streaming Forum: Is CDN Just a Marketing Term?

Discussion with CDN.net, Deutsche Telekom, Jet-Stream, Limelight, and Mirror Image reveals shifts in how CDNs see themselves and their customers

Industry News

Agama and Zenterio Partner for a Superior Video Service Quality Experience

The technology partnership between Agama Technologies and Zenterio has already resulted in a new contract with a major European operator group

Vision247 and ViewSat partner to stream television broadcasts globally to web connected devices

Vision247 provides full content encoding and web streaming for ViewSat customers. Browser based access brings content to PCs, Apple iOS and Android devices. Rapid, cost effective television distribution to audiences globally.

Edgeware Wins 2012 Cable Spotlight Product of the Year Award

Edgeware Convoy Management Software honored for exceptional innovation in video delivery network systems

Video Platform Provider Panopto Expands European Presence

Panopto's New Netherlands Office Brings Local Sales and Support to Benelux Region