How the Pandemic Changed Enterprise Streaming

When large numbers of people left enterprise networks and began working remotely during COVID, the focus of enterprise streaming shifted towards optimizing situational awareness across organizations. “What continued through that process were the mission-critical applications for streaming enterprise video,” says Troy Fernald, Account Executive at Haivision.

A key application was finding ways to effectively utilize the command and control operations established by large enterprises such as state and local governments, corporate customers, and medical providers. Streaming technology developers such as Haivision were positioned to augment better what was happening between the nerve centers of organizations and workers who had gone fully remote. The crucial ongoing factor, Fernald says, is controlling the quality and timing by ensuring that everyone is “seeing the same thing at the same time and making informed decisions for the organization.”

Even when elements such as CEO broadcast and IPTV were let go to a certain extent due to newly decentralized workforces, Haivision worked to ensure that the existing platforms seamlessly adapted to new COVID applications. This new focus continues today even as more people begin to migrate back to offices. Fernald says that Haivision is making decisions about the next steps and how to structure enterprise streaming to best support these transitions.  

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