Digio Limited

Digio Limited
  • 45A Wood End
  • Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE28 3LE
  • United Kingdom
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Digio provides consultancy and expertise in all aspects of enterprise video – from workflow design through to assisting with RFPs, implementation and delivery across private and public sectors. We can also undertake a review of your current system and services to make sure you are getting the most from it in terms of features, functuionality and cost.

We take a vendor agnostic approach to client engagement and unlike many enterprise video organisations we're not tied up in politics or red tape.

Digio is headquartered in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Product Description


Webcasting is our main area of expertise.  We’ve worked on a number of global deployments for FTSE100 and FOTUNE500 clients.  We work closely with the major Webcasting vendors and have helped some of them shape their products into what you see today.  We were one of the first companies to provide an at-desk webcasting service using resource reservation.  Today, we’re on the cutting edge helping companies deploy solutions to Thin Clients and integrate into VC infrastructure via SIP gateways as well as augmented relaity based offerings.

We can help you shape your chosen system to fulfill your requirements, data retention and security policies and help you capture useful meta-data so that you can find and distribute your video assets as well as lifecycle management of them.

In this ever changing landscape of enterprise video it’s important to keep on top of the leaders and challengers in this sector.  One day your preferred vendor is rubbishing one of their competitors – and the next day they have bought them!  What happens with priorities on roadmaps?  Who had the best solution for a particular problem you were faced with?  How will they co-exist?  We’ve seen this many times in this industry – and once great products have all but disappeared.  We can help mitigate some of that risk for you, with direct access to Senior Management and across technology and product divisions, we can help get the information you need to make your decision.