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Overcast is a unique, modular, set of video solutions that streamline how businesses (Media and Entertainment, enterprise, education, banking) acquire, manage and publish media content.

Overcast uses the latest AI and Machine Learning to automate mundane tasks making it possible for business teams to personalise how they control their content.

Overcast is offered as a SaaS video and digital asset management service or as an OEM solution that can be integrated through its RESTful API directly into a tech stack.


Product Description

The OVERCAST platform consists of multiple integrated video  and document management products




Why it’s Compelling



Integrate OVERCAST™ directly into a software tech stack like Office 365

OVERCAST™ replaces and enhances legacy production techniques


Review and Approvals

Automate the longest part of the production process

Get content to market faster. Save time and money chasing bosses and stakeholders by managing the review process on a single portal

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Voice to Text and Image Recognition

Automate adding rich metadata to videos

Add and edit captions without having to type them. Search for images or words in videos.


Unlimited Storage

Storage agnostic for businesses that are already using cloud solutions

Pay for what you use – never a cent more – and optimise workflows


AI Search

Search for anything in a video from anywhere on any device

Speed of finding video content is massively impacted when you can search for words in a video making it possible to create new content with archive in a fraction of the time


Automated formatting

What any content on any device

Eliminate the need for a video editor to reformat content for different platforms like TV, Web, Social, etc

Logging and Security

Audit trail

SSO, encryption and an audit trail keeps content “brand safe” at all times

Using a single, secure solution for multiple tasks cuts down on duplication and possible security breaches

Unattended Upload - Beta


Upload large video files using a standard browser eliminating error due to corruption or breaks in connectivity

The unique patentable uploader guarantees content delivery to cloud servers over a browser giving users control over batch and large file uploads saving time and money due to error

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