NativeWaves GmbH

NativeWaves GmbH
  • Ludwig Bieringer Platz 1
  • Himmelreich Wals 5071
  • Austria
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NativeWaves is a B2B technology provider based in Salzburg, Austria. Established in 2016, we offer broadcasters and streaming services with the tools to take their content offering to the next level. Our focus is on event watching experiences in sports, esports and entertainment. Broadcaster and streaming service providers are fighting for the viewer’s attention as this leads to higher revenue. We enable broadcasters to deliver more engaging experiences to their audiences, leading to better viewer attention. We help create personal experiences for viewers that connect them emotionally to the action. 


Product Description


NativeWaves EXP: NativeWaves EXP is our offering that complements today’s standard broadcast and streaming experience by giving audiences the chance to explore a wealth of additional content at their leisure. Powered by a dedicated low-latency streaming platform, NativeWaves EXP enables deeper fan and audience engagement across numerous types of programming and live events. Viewers can choose an enhanced single screen experience on smartphone, tablet or mirrored to the TV, offering additional camera angles, audio tracks, instant replays, social media integration etc. including full on-screen navigation.


Additionally, NativeWaves EXP can be used and configured as a second screen experience. This complements the main TV screen by offering additional personalised content and data on the mobile screen – all perfectly synchronised to the main screen via the broadcast audio without requiring watermarking of the original content.


By combining the proven NativeWaves streaming platform with a new experience framework for web or direct app integration, that allows broadcasters and streaming providers to easily integrate new features into their existing streaming offering, NativeWaves EXP addresses a gap in the strategy of these companies: Deciding whether to stay with an existing product that works, but misses the market on new fan engagement experiences, or to completely redevelop a new product represents a key problem of this time. NativeWaves EXP solves this problem.


The combination of our streaming platform with the new experience framework adds these much-needed new features, while integrating into the existing workflow with minimum friction. NativeWaves EXP is also a plan for the future. Adding next-generation AR/VR features or expanding the fan engagement experiences to different types of sports, or other events is already built into the architecture.


Remote Production:  The NativeWaves Synced Remote production solution solves issues with production complexities by enabling broadcasters and production companies to easily deliver multiple streams of video and audio, from the venue to the production facility in perfect sync. It reduces complexity and eases the production process. It also enables broadcasters to deliver synced multi-view experiences to their customers. This plug and play solution reduce Whitecosts and production complexities for the broadcasters.


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