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EMPREINTE.COM is a global video solution for businesses and organizations:

A wide range of video solutions:
> E-CDN (intranet video acceleration)
> WEBINAR (meetings and conference)
> DIGITAL SIGNAGE (dynamic display)
> WEBTV (Live, VoD, SVoD media center)
> MOOC (training service)
> CONFERENCE (dedicated conference portail)
> VIDEO API (third-party software)

An expert architecture for 20 years:
> Independent editor for major accounts
> Large range of video tools
> Security for sensitive contents
> Constant R&D for video system at the best level
> 3 versions available: Hybrid, On-premise, SaaS
> Tailor-made: extensive technical service

Product Description

EMPREINTE.COM has a 20 years of customer experience, with a video technology open to all users: IT, CIO, Communicators, Producers. The technology is suitable secure software-based video solution for Live conference, interactive meetings, VoD, SVoD, Podcast, Richmedia contents, and video 360.

With its universal video player and a tailor-made media portal for intranet and Web, EMPREINTE.COM system is open to all screens (desktop, mobile, display) and broadcast your live, VoD and medias. The system is ready to use for all networks (intranet and web). With its API, the solution is simple to integrate and offers many modules to build and achieve your video architecture.

EMPREINTE.COM has been used by many large organizations for 10/20 years, it is a flexible and modular solution, which meets all your constraints and supports you in the evolution of your digital strategy.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Dedicated Video Platform
    A complete video platform for business and training. The solution covers all the needs of an organization that uses video for its internal or external communication. Tailor-made solution for companies with gorgeous modules: Analytics, API, video editing, TV portal, live broadcast, pay per view, etc.). It meets the business needs of companies (marketing, HR, corporate, training, etc.) A video platform dedicated to rich and dynamic content with creation and enrichment tools to increase the impact of your communications and the engagement of Internet users. A professional video platform with adapted and powerful API-Rest (Citrix, Drupal, Jalios, Sharepoint, media security, online payments, etc.)
  • ECDN Enterprise Network
    The ECDN PRIVATE solution guarantees the use of video on all intranet workstations and on the Web by providing a specific response to guarantee the quality of service for your Live and VoD broadcasts. A proven methodology with convincing results for bandwidth management with a successful user experience.
  • Webinar Conferencing
    Plan, manage, broadcast your events and meetings, live and on demand, with free and secure access... The solution simplifies all these operations to get to the essentials: your communication. The Webinar solution goes further than simple Saas offers, with intranet integration. It also brings more media functions and a tailor-made service for your meetings, presentations and training. MEDIA PORTAL: A dedicated broadcast media portal for live consultation and VoD recordings, with registration pages and an integrated SSO system, as well as a very detailed statistics tool MEETING/LIVE: Management of webcam and video encoder sources, integrated video control room, interactive functions (slide, overlay, video mixing, chat, Q/A), HD video recording, Q&A management (up to 10,000 users) with a video prompter.
  • Digital Signage
    A complete digital signage solution to easily and securely broadcast programs to a wide variety of digital signage screens. - CONTENT CREATION : A visual editor with customizables templates for creating programs with your images, widgets, web link, videos. - BROADCAST PROGRAMS : Management of multiple programs and broadcasting channels with several levels of programming. SCREEN TRACKING : Real-time monitoring of broadcast stations.
  • Digital Services
    With 20 years of experience and successful video solutions. Our team of video and network experts provide you with a high level of design and quality with tailor-made secure solutions A full range of video services: hybrid architectures, specific developments, open API-Rest (for Citrix, Drupal, Sharepoint, WordPress, etc), media security, online payments, advanced KPIs, and much more.

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