• Louis Couperusplein 2
  • Den Haag 2514 HP
  • Netherlands
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Ceeblue specializes in online video streaming and is based in the Netherlands. We provide transcoding and origin services for broadcasters and streaming companies alike, although we are most well-known for our transcoding + real-time delivery services.

Ceeblue's video and streaming savvy is complemented by decades of network engineering experience. This allows us to provide very efficient and low-latency live streaming at the highest quality and with fallback protocols in place.

By designing the delivery infrastructure to use independent nodes, we can provide incredibly reliable service worldwide with the lowest latency possible at scale, with unlimited viewership.

Product Description

The Ceeblue Media Fabric is an ultrafast live-streaming CDN that sets itself apart from available mediaservers and CDNs by providing an end-to-end media fabric that scales—anything in, anything out, to as many viewers as needed, anywhere in the world. 

Ceeblue transcodes and delivers live video worldwide in under a second, while supporting nearly all video and audio protocols and codecs for maximum compatibility. 

We support fast start, WHIP and WHEP, Timed Metadata, handoff to Unified Origin and Burst Scaling.

Ceeblue’s millisecond transcoder generates and delivers quality ladders up to UHD, and includes clientless mobile support out of the box. 

The flexibility of Ceeblue's platform allows truly scalable delivery of anything from WebRTC, with included ABR, or HESP, all the way to broadcast-quality CMAF, without ever sacrificing stability or quality.