Bridge Technologies

Bridge Technologies
  • Sandakerveien 24c, Bld D5
  • Oslo Oslo NO-4076
  • Norway
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Bridge Technologies creates advanced systems for ensuring high-quality, profitable digital media service delivery in Production, OTT, Broadband Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial and Telecoms applications. 

Bridge Technologies software and hardware systems, bring greater efficiency to digital media businesses, by making it simpler to manage complexity. The company’s award-winning monitoring/analysis systems, intelligent switchers and virtual environments help deliver over 20,000 channels to more than 900 million subscribers in 94 countries.

Product Description

The VB330 Probe is the flagship in Bridge Technologies product offering towards broadband and media operators.

The VB330 comes with a massive multiprocessor architecture and can deliver monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real-time and in parallel. The VB330 is deployed either on dedicated embedded hardware, as a pre-configured and pre-installed appliance or as a software-only solution. This gives the operator greater flexibility when it comes to tailoring the monitoring solution towards the underlying system architecture, in the best possible manner. Feature parity is ensured across the various deployment options, varying only in factors such as scalability, power consumption and longevity.

The VB330 is very much a multi use tool to monitor network performance involving signal formats and areas as diverse as video IP multicast, video OTT/ABR streaming, voice trunks, video-on-demand unicast, Ethernet packet micro bursts, PCAP recording and general traffic protocol inspection.

The VB330 APPLIANCE comes with a dual 10/25/40/50/100Gbps NIC, for video network connectivity. The VB330 running on the appliance server hardware is future proof in terms of scalability due to its massive parallel CPU resources and dual 100Gpbs network interface capabilities.

Example of VB330 Features: 

  • Thousands of streams in parallel
  • Optimize Headend performance
  • Encoder Boundary points monitoring and analysis
  • MultiCore CPU utilisation architecture
  • MediaWindow visualization of streams
  • OTT Engine option w/HLS, HDS, SmoothStreaming, MPEG-DASH and RTMP
  • ETR290 Engine Option with Gold TS Protection