October 08, 2020

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Nordic TV Week Coming Up 26-30 October

Northern Waves TV organisers will present a week of presentations focusing on technology and UI/UX

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8K: History Repeats Itself

With production challenge solved, smarter AI upscaling and enhanced codec technologies will enable 8K streaming to the home—inevitably.

The Algorithm Series: Video Player Performance

Multiple algorithms for encoding, transfer, and playback intersect in the end user's player. So how can you make the numbers work in your favor?

AV1 Has Arrived: Comparing Codecs from AOMedia, Visionular, and Intel/Netflix

Within 24 months, hardware support appeared, encoding became affordable, and AV1 became a much more realistic competitor to HEVC. Here's how the currently available AV1 codecs measure up.


Will the Change in Sporting Events Promote OTT as Man of the Match?

Almost 5 million British households have signed up for streaming services since March. Now is the time for OTT sports deliver to step into the spotlight.

Building Microservices With A Customer-Centric Philosophy

By using microservices, software developers can help streaming services focus on their differentiating factors and unique business needs

Industry News

NDI Integration with Microsoft Teams Opens Up Production Opportunities

Each discrete Teams caller separates out as an NDI® source to be added to any production

Amino Technologies PLC launches 2020 #futureisbright Graduate Programme to champion ambitious students and drive industry innovation

Amino Technologies PLC has launched its new graduate programme for students who have completed a Masters's or Bachelors's degree within the last two years. The programme offers 10 positions within Amino Technologies' companies, Amino and 24i's global offi

Discovery Taps Imagine to Take Ad Management to the Cloud

Deploys Landmark Sales as a managed service as part of their continued effort to virtualize broadcast and global infrastructure operations