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OTT Projects: Business teams are back! 

In the past few years, broadcasters, sports federations and top brands have experimented with different forms of OTT services. We saw a variety of models being tested, some leaning towards a free or ad-funded model, while some looking for paid models – mainly Pay-per-View or Subscription VOD.

In our experience, these projects were often led by tech teams, who had a significant role in selecting (a set of) providers that will set up a good platform, at the best cost. The decision-making process was largely driven by features and pricing.

Nowadays, the business teams are back in the game. User experience is King, while ROI is Queen. A set of features doesn’t make a great service anymore. The full kit of all OTT components makes a great service. 

The notion “less is more” will be a key differentiator in the industry. Simplicity and clarity in business models, features, interfaces will drive success, together with the increased focus on quality-of-service and customer care. 

Business teams want holistic dashboards that provide a 360º view of the business. They want to know what drives satisfaction, engagement, churn, and ultimately high ROI. The industry has reached a new maturity level, similar to what we’ve have seen in the retail industry in the late 2000s. Not anyone can be Amazon, neither be Netflix, yet these are the ones to beat in order to succeed with OTT. The future of digital entertainment is bright, and Business is Back!

Gilles Domartini  CEO AND FOUNDER | CLEENG

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