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Founded in 2011, Cleeng is a Subscriber Retention Management™ (SRM™) leader in the M&E industry. Its premium SaaS platform features end-to-end, flexible subscriber management solutions spanning customer identity management, payments & billing, analytics & insights, and AI-based subscriber support.

The comprehensive solution empowers broadcasters to act fast, reduce churn, and grow customer LTV without overshooting costs. Broadcasters can leverage these solutions to boost ROI quickly and save costs in the competitive streaming market.

Cleeng’s customer portfolio is impressive and comprises visionary DTC, streaming, and SVOD services, including the NFL, SBG, Optus Sport, the NHL, The Weather Channel, and Big Ten Network.


Product Description

Cleeng’s Subscriber Retention Management™ (SRM™) enables broadcasters to create their D2C video commerce platform within minutes, and retain their subscribers for years. 

Through the combination of operational APIs for subscriber management, plus actionable analytics and first class customer care, Cleeng SRM is the all-in-one solution, essential for running a successful subscription service.

  1. Core is a Subscriber Management System (SMS) designed for Media & Entertainment brands. Core is engineered to maximize subscriber conversion and retention throughout the lifecycle and enable broadcasters to:
    a) Experiment with multiple offer types (e.g. subscription, season passes, live events)
    b) Launch new channels on Web, Mobile and TV Apps
    c) Set promotions with more than 60 coupon types including scratch-cards
    d) Run geographical pricing tests
  2. Merchant offers you convenient, web-store purchase management. This specialized payment module enables broadcasters to expand their business in many countries quickly, whilst globally collecting revenues with optimized payment conversion, in addition to outsourcing user compliance and tax management. 
  3. ChurnIQ is an actionable subscriber data platform. Through this data lake you can import multiple sources of data to monitor the financial performance of your business, and the revenue drivers throughout your subscriber journey. Additionally you can analyze subscriber behavior using the power of machine learning, generate user segments with actionable retention campaigns, and measure effectiveness for long-term optimizations.
  4. Hi5 is a cloud-based, AI-enhanced, customer care solution. Using this solution you can provide best-in-class customer care 24/7, boost your user satisfaction, reduce your costs, increase retention, and deploy customer care with ease.

Broadcasters such as the NFL, SBG, Optus Sport, the NHL, The Weather Channel and Big Ten Network, and many more leverage Cleeng’s solution and benefit from:

  1. Quick time-to-market (immediate SaaS availability, launch in 3 weeks)
  2. 900% ROI (through our transparent pricing)
  3. Total flexibility (adaptable architecture with open APIs and more than 35 connectors)
  4. True scalability (engineered for scale-up to 48 million transactions daily)

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