How the Sourcebook Shaped History in the Online Video Industry

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This is the 9th annual European edition of the Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook, but we launched the U.S. version in 2003. Do you remember what this industry looked like 14 years ago, or even 9 years ago? One thing is for sure: for much of the first decade of this century, the industry was a mess. You couldn’t tell who had real product and who didn’t. There was lots and lots of talk of, “We are going to change the world,” and I suppose that’s what you get when you’re charting unknown territory. Things have settled down some, but it’s still really the Wild West. Our first order of business when we took over Streaming Media back in 2003 was to make some sense of the industry, and that’s where the Sourcebook came in. We still see it as a way to press the reset button on the industry and who’s in it, every year.

When you look at all the companies that are supporting this Sourcebook—whether with ads or sponsored content—you’ll see some familiar names and some new ones. So first things first: we can’t do it without them. Thank you Sourcebook sponsors, for helping us create the world’s most valuable resource for everything online video. Please, if you are looking for products and services, look to them first—they deserve your attention as much as the editorial content you’ll find invaluable here.

So, welcome to this chock-full-of-information, must-read industry bible called the Sourcebook. It’s influenced the brightest and best who’ve built this video industry—over the years we’ve seen the proof of that. I hope you enjoy it.

This article was published in the Spring 2017 European edition of Streaming Media magazine as "How the Sourcebook Shaped the History of the Online Video Industry."

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