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Wiztivi is a worldwide leader in providing high-end cross-platform user interfaces and cloud gaming solutions. The company works along with media (M6, TF1, Viacom…) IPTV/OTT groups (Vodafone, Altice Group, Orange, Liberty Global International, Telecentro…) and manufacturers (SagemCom, EKT…) in order to offer them the best user experience for set-top box, TV set, mobile, tablet and gaming console.

Wiztivi offers both customized and turn-key solutions and answers its customers’ needs with unmatched precision, optimizing time-to-market and operation cost. Its expertise is based on the deployment of more than 300 innovative services used by millions of people around the world.

Product Description

TimelessUI Universe is a cutting-edge user interface embedding a resolutely innovative design, voice control and content-centric navigation. It provides a complete catalogue of features operators can choose from, offering the best user experience for their subscribers. It is also an entirely cross-platform solution, delivering a single code for all types of devices (set-top box, smartTV, console, mobile, tablet and game console): future developments are therefore facilitated and the UI will evolve over time with new trends. This flexible and global approach reduces development costs and time-to-market challenges all the same.


The Wiztivi Framework is an amazing collaborative development tool. It provides solid foundations to create unmatched user interfaces for video services, whether on set-top box, smart TV, mobile, tablet or game console. You can write a single code to design a user interface compatible with any device and any backend. The performance of each device is optimised, and the innovative in-house design system makes it incredibly fast to build your own user interface.


Streamava is the world leading cloud gaming platform. This multi-screen solution is designed to be easily integrated into the operator’s existing environment and connected to its billing system. Its technology provides a high-quality experience ready for commercial deployment. With more than 300 video games, operators offer to their end-users top publishers and string references for casual gamers. SFR and Orange already trust this solution for deployment in the field since 2010.


The Wiztivi XMS is a set of high added value services. It allows a perfect adaptation of your backend to fully control your UI. It meets the most common needs, but also makes the UI a real weapon to improve the profitability of video services, while standing out from the competition. Its benefits cover four main areas:

  1. UX configuration (Manage catalogue, components, content, promotional widgets, sounds, design, features...),
  2. UX optimisation (AB Testing, EPG and Metadata Optimiser, Images Optimiser...),
  3. Analytics (Notifications & Marketing Campaigns, Ads Manager, Analytics...),
  4. Segmentation (Segmentation Manager, Device & Version Manager, Deployment Manager...).


Thanks to our in-house Studio, we support our clients in creating the most exceptional User Experience for their customers. From the birth of the project, the Studio works to conceive and design User Interfaces for all devices, in the highest accordance with the customer’s brand universe. Our areas of expertise are:

  • advanced techniques used, such as atomic design, allow for unmatched flexibility and precision.
  • optimisation of the buyer’s journey in the application.
  • auditing and testing User Interfaces, guaranteeing an exceptional quality before the deployment on the market.


Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Tactical guide: the 5 best practices for a unified cross-device strategy
    This ebook will provide you with a step by step guide on how to develop your own cross-platform video service. From strategic choices to the deployment of the user interface, including the ability to make it evolve in the future, all issues are addressed for guaranteed success.
  • Request a demo
    Wiztivi has built its reputation over the years, listening to the market in order to find the best answers every time. From design to the creation of a UX that will differentiate you from the competition, as well as for the integration of cloud gaming solutions, we support you in all stages of your success. We will be happy to show you how our solutions can help you grow your business.
  • TimelessUI Universe
    Cross-platform UI for IPTV/OTT video services.
  • The Framework
    Collaborative development tool.
  • Streamava
    World leading cloud gaming solution.

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