Telia Latvija

Telia Latvija
  • Lielvardes 8a
  • Riga LV-1006
  • Latvia
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We have extensive experience in telecommunications and place a continuous focus on extending our professional profile towards building enterprise-level cloud solutions. Leveraging our unique combination of cloud and network infrastructure and development capabilities, we are set to become a trusted partner of business players in OTT media services and the video content distribution industry.

Having the powerful Telia network behind us and a true passion for tech innovations in-house, we have assembled outstanding experience in developing cloud infrastructure solutions fully tailored to the needs of modern media services.

Product Description

Telia Video Platform is a self-service video cloud with integrations to object storage (S3), global CDN and playout. We provide services for all types of customers, starting from small event streamers, education video sites, and ending with large media houses and broadcasters.

TV channels for SE Asia produced in Europe, truly global reach of Fashion TV channels, fully automated process of transport and transcoding of a large size, 250TB+ video assets library, streaming of most demanded live events, and more – Telia’s customer-first approach, which has resulted in numerous co-development partnerships, where customers set the roadmap for future.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Video Cloud
    Cloud video platform, powered by global high-performance CDN and enriched with customized media solutions, provides a comfortable self-service environment for OTT professionals and online video publishers. Modern technology and software are combined in order to facilitate storage, management, protection, streaming, recording and other functionality for media delivery, tailored to the specific needs of both content providers and the audience online.
  • Content Delivery Network
    Telia’s Content Delivery Network evolves with the internet, resulting in the highest performance of any CDN on the market, being as much as 30 percent faster than the competition. In order to help our clients do business successfully online, we deliver any data, anywhere, anytime, which is all possible through the world’s first global CDN federation and massive regional presence.
  • Cloud TV Channel Playout
    Secure and easy access to a self-service, feature-rich platform which is designed for smooth playout, channel management, and distribution. We partner with Veset and have integrated their Nimbus cloud playout service into our video cloud.
  • Live Streaming
    We offer a professional streaming solution that helps perform simple setup, monitoring and post-event processing for both basic and complex content delivery needs, in a self-service or managed service mode.
  • Media (VOD) Transcoding
    Our media transcoding workflow is a tool to fully automate your media file transcoding. It allows you to process a large number of media assets. Starting from media ingest from different sources and ending with obtaining the player code, stream URL or uploading the processed assets to external storage for use in internal platforms or for backup.