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Medianova is one of the fastest secure Content Delivery Network (CDN) companies in Europe and the Middle East based on 3rd party Real User Analytics.

The core technology is API driven, containerized and based on caching the content as close as possible to the end-user. 

The platform is powered with Anycast DNS, self-service real-time panels and content optimization with GPU powered technologies.

Medianova was one of the 18 companies in Gartner’s 2018 Global CDN Market Guide Report, confirming its mission to create a faster digital world with its agile platforms and services.


Product Description

Medianova provides global CDN solutions and cloud platforms, experienced in streaming, encoding, caching, micro caching, Private CDN and website acceleration. With 32 data centers footprint around the world, and 100% SSD powered anycast network, Medianova is one of the fastest https secure CDNs in Europe and in the Middle East based on Cedexis. 

Medianova uses new technologies like patent-pending Dockerized CDN Platform, TLS 1.3, HTTP/2, BBR, and Brotli for faster content delivery and better digital experiences.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Content Delivery Network
    As the world moves towards digitization and online platforms; a good user experience while delivering content has become a major issue to tackle. Improving website performance means increasing conversions and revenue nowadays.
  • Cloud Storage
    Stook is a cloud-based object storage platform that allows you to store your digital files in a secure way. As it is fully compatible with Amazon S3 API, you can easily implement it just by changing your API key.
  • Private CDN
    Medianova's Private CDN is a fast and dedicated solution for those who want deliver a flawless user experience to their audience
  • Corporate Tube
    Medianova Corporate tube is a video management platform that allows businesses to share, create and publish video content everywhere quickly and securely.
  • Encoding Platform
    Deliver your files to your users fast and flawlessly using Medianova’s Encoding and Transcoding platform

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