• 3Q GmbH
  • Kurf├╝rstendamm 102
  • Berlin Berlin 10711
  • Germany
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3Q is an European company with its HQ in Berlin. Since 2009 our company provides a powerful & robust Video OTT streaming platform with many possibilities.

As a SaaS provider, we offer end-to-end solutions for content providers, e-commerce businesses, banks, media companies & broadcasters.

With our dynamic platform, we offer you a flexible content management & targeted publishing solution - delivering in best quality & lowest latency to any device on any platform.

Our experts from 3Q devote themselves to your success. We operate our infrastructure according to European data protection guidelines.

  • Founded 2009
  • 30+ FTE
  • 1.000+ B2B customers
  • GDPR compliant


Product Description

3Q SDN provides powerful and reliable industry solutions for stream-based video, audio and TV content. 

You can stream to any device, live or on demand. 3Q is an innovative and powerful streaming platform for hosting, publishing and distributing media content. 3Q SDN converts, packages and delivers your audio and video streams automatically into all required formats and resolutions. The multi-screen playout provides the correct streaming format and the appropriate bandwidth for each receiving device. 

Through the operation of a geographically dispersed network and server infrastructure, 3Q offers high performance, scalability and security for your digital media.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Livestreaming
    Scalable. Dynamic. Live. Livestreaming for every device and platform. Straightforward and easy to use! > Setup in minutes > HTML5 Videoplayer > 3rd Party Publishing > Global CDN > Premium Support > flexible Signal delivery ( Teradek, Wirecast, Haivision, OBS, Elemental, vMix) #streamingsimplified
  • Video On-Demand & OTT
    Ideally connect with your target audience Deliver video on-demand with our scalable solution. > Asset management & publishing made easy > Analytics (evaluate your success) > security and rights management > Log tracking
  • Core Streaming Platform
    A dynamic streaming platform with live, on demand & podcast streaming options. All your streaming-tools combined on one platform > Flexible Pricing (pay by-usage, prices apt to your company budget) > Simple asset management with our GUI and REST API > Secure & GDPR Compliant (protect your content from unauthorised access.) > Multi-CDN (global and reliable distribution) > Streaming at scale (content available for large-scale events)
  • HTML 5 Video- und Audioplayer
    One player. Any device. A viewers delight. Our dynamic and powerful HTML5 player. > Custom Skinning (customize & individualise your player) > Responsive (interact with users (quizzing, comments, polls) > Video Advertising > Subtitiles > Multiple audiotracks
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