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The IABM Young Person of the Year Award goes to employee of nanocosmos, Berlin-based provider of Interactive Live Streaming

nanocosmos announces that The IABM, the International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry, awarded nanocosmos’ employee Anna Matic with the Young Person Award, part of The IABM Awards® 2021. The IABM facilitates the prestigious awards eve

Berlin, Berlin(13 Dec 2021)

This is the second award for the Berlin based company in 2021, a year that sums up a series of innovations for their B2B interactive live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud. Oliver Lietz, CEO and founder of nanocosmos teaches at university Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) where Anna used to be a student of his: “We are incredibly proud of the achievements and extremely happy for Anna to receive this recognition. 2021 was a challenging year marked by innovations at nanocosmos. New trends emerged now that Hybrid Events and virtual Townhall Meetings require interactive live streaming. Anna has been a key person to ensure our solution could deliver the best user experience possible to customers across several industries. And pushing the careers of young talents and especially female ones in the IT industry is a mission of mine.”

Anna Matic is a 23 year old Software Engineer and Designer. Being involved to a significant extent in groundbreaking innovations at nanocosmos this year, she worked across departments lifting the separation of programming and design concepts. She has been involved in the nanoMeet innovation. Part of nanoStream Cloud, it is a response to the new demand for a live video and collaboration platform that allows sharing a live stream with large audiences around the world. “It was quite exciting to join a project that helps people stay connected during the pandemic. The current situation demands a solution that allows people to interact, simply sharing a presentation is not enough these days.” said Anna.

Another important project was nanoStream Cloud’s new dashboard, which offers customers an intuitive experience when using the interactive livinfoe streaming platform. “One of the key benefits of nanoStream Cloud is ease of use. We expect that any business can instantly start streaming and rely on our robust platform. Anna’s achievement with the new dashboard perfectly reflected that and brought our customer’s experience to a new level”, Oliver said.

The initiative “Webcaster Berlin – Free Live Streaming for Local Organisations” during the pandemic lockdown allowed organisations to make use of the interactive live streaming platform nanoStream Cloud. Anna was responsible for the modular design, UI – UX, its concept, plan and execution. The result enabled nanocosmos to easily add requirements to their offerings addressing users that are not familiar with live streaming technology.

About nanocosmos

nanocosmos is a Berlin-based company with more than two decades of experience in the audio/video industry. Their flagship product, nanoStream Cloud, is an industry reference for interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency on any device. nanocosmos has been trusted by major companies around the world to deliver interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency for several years, and with the addition of new products to their range, continue to stay on the cutting edge of video-streaming technology.