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HeyWatch releases its API v2 and redefine what outsourcing video encoding to the Cloud means

NEW YORK, NY(02 Apr 2015)

HeyWatch, the Cloud Video Encoding Service, Built For Developers, which enables to outsource, automate and design a custom encoding workflow for any project with just a few lines of code, today announced the release of its API version 2.

8 years old

The original HeyWatch API turned 8 and was was created at a time where everyone just needed a simple Flash version of their videos, so that visitors could watch them on the Web. Today, it's way more complicated due to all the new formats: MP4, WebM, HLS, JPG (thumbnails), GIF, HEVC and VP9.

In 8 years, we have seen multiple revolutions in the video industry, for example the rise of the h.264 codec, the WebM codec released by Google, the revolution in the mobile industry with iPhone and Android devices, HTTP Live Streaming, and more. All these changes got companies transcoding into more and more formats to reach their audience.

More complexity needs more simplicity

To meet these new video needs, flexibility and simplicity were the keys. The HeyWatch team built the high-level and human-readable config-based API where a minified configuration file is used to describe and simplify any encoding workflow. Instead of using a verbose and difficult-to-read XML or JSON files, this new approach is focused on simplicity and developer productivity with an ultra easy-to-read syntax.

For this purpose, the team created a brand new config language with an ultra easy-to-read, edit and update syntax, meaning you can add a new output format, a new option and any new process in a snap.

Besides, this new API enables developers to code in it. It means they can use variables and conditional expressions to design a custom encoding workflow for their project. For instance, you can choose to transcode a video or not depending on the original video resolution, length or any other variables. It is really powerful and flexible. page1image18792 page1image18952 page1image19112 page1image19272

The workflow with the API is also pretty straightforward: submit a config file and wait for a webhook when the process is done. That's it.

Along this, a new Go library has been added. Go is a growing fast open source programming language developed by Google. Released in 2007, its simplicity and readability have been enabling developers to drastically improve their productivity.

About HeyWatch

HeyWatch (http://www.heywatchencoding.comhas been a pioneer in professional cloud-based video encoding since 2006, providing turnkey online video encoding software to developers. HeyWatch enables them to outsource, automate, optimize and and design custom their video encoding workflow with just a few lines of code. Thousands of companies use HeyWatch as their cloud encoding engine: Tumblr, Fotolia, Sony, Yahoo!, Unruly Media, SchoolTube, Edpuzzle, DotSub, MediaPrime, Elly, Webcast-TV, RorMix, Zooppa, Fieldlens and more.

Founded by Web and tech lovers, HeyWatch’s main goal is to make heavy video-encoding processes a breeze. With HeyWatch, tech and Web companies free themselves from the technical constraints involved in delivering online video and can focus all their energy in making their business bigger.