September 24, 2020

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Western Europe Will Add 101 Million Subs by 2025

Netflix will lose market share despite adding 25 million subs in the next 6 years, says Digital TV Research.

Moving Picture, Audio, and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence: "A New Way to Make Money"

New standards body MPAI plans to develop new specifications for data coding, using AI to bridge the gap between technology and licensing.

Featured Articles

What Has the Pandemic Taught Us About Streaming?

The spike in streaming during the COVID-19 pandemic has given us a vision of the future, as well as an opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive and stay out in front of the curve we know is coming.

The Algorithm Series: Video Player Performance

Multiple algorithms for encoding, transfer, and playback intersect in the end user's player. So how can you make the numbers work in your favor?

Industry News


Newly launched M2A CONNECT SOURCE SELECTOR feature allows rights owners to offer broadcast acquisition partners a choice of multiple live video feeds, promoting a greater self-serve experience

Fortumo builds Amazon Prime bundling solution for Jio

G-Core Labs launches an AI platform that helps develop AI-based apps for mass media several times faster