March 19, 2020

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Sisvel Announces AV1 Patent Pool

Royalties for 2,000 patents in AV1 from at least 12 companies will be charged via Video Coding Licensing Platform administrator Sisvel, which promises "reasonable and transparent" cost

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Buyers' Guide to Live Streaming Platforms

Looking for live streaming services? Whether you're streaming church services, school events, enterprise meetings, entertainment content, or just about anything else, this buyers' guide has you covered.

The State of SVOD in Europe

Already wilting under the Death Star orbit of Netflix and forewarned of further competition landing from US studios, Europe's broadcasters have drawn up plans to defend their position.

How to Encode with LCEVC

Unlike other cutting-edge codecs coming to market, LCEVC will have an immediate impact on the streaming landscape. Here's how to use it.

Industry News

CuratorNow Launches to Quickly Enable Remote, Collaborative Cloud Video Production

With remote working becoming a new norm, the time is now for MAM to power global video talent to collaborate and continue to create without constraint

StarLeaf supports business continuity during coronavirus crisis including launch of free-to-use collaboration services

StarLeaf today announced measures for supporting customers and new users during the coronavirus crisis.

Integration of Local Content in OTT: Wifire Activates Regions

The Elecard company organized IPTV and OTT broadcasting of federal multiplexes in 30 regions of Russia for Wifire communication service provider, a subsidiary of MegaFon — the second largest mobile phone operator and the third largest telecom operator in

Rise Goes Global to Support Women Around the World

Expansion to North American and APAC regions and new board members appointed