January 09, 2020

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Liberty Global Boosts Video Delivery with Teltoo P2P

First rollout will be in The Netherlands, with plans to deploy in all territories Liberty Global serves

Amazon's Premier League Live Stream Kicks Off with Qualified Success

Amazon delivers solid debut with room for improvement; EPL will watch with an eye to launching its own "Netflix for football"

Featured Articles

The State of CMAF: The Ultimate Format or Just Another Acronym?

It's all the buzz on the conference circuit, but deployment challenges mean CMAF hasn't taken over the streaming world yet. Here's why it's getting so much attention.

Addressable TV: The Holy Grail of Personalisation

From the beginning of the online video revolution, personalized advertising has been one of our loftiest and hardest-to-achieve goals. Are we there yet?

Netflix Goes to the Other Side of the Mirror With Bandersnatch

Learn the streaming challenges Netflix faced presenting Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which gave viewers choices and advanced interactive storytelling.

Industry News

3READY Android TV from 3SS Powers New TV Service Proximus Pickx

Proximus, the largest telco and multiservice provider in Belgium with over 1.8 million subscribers, has chosen 3READY Android TV from 3SS for its new TV offering Proximus Pickx, launched to first pilot customers in October 2019

Eros Now chooses Verizon Media Platform to meet global demand for Bollywood streaming content

Media platform will be used to deliver the highest quality streaming experience for fans of Indian cinema anywhere in the world

Velocix sets a Cloud DVR fault-tolerance benchmark with new carrier-grade, geo-redundancy features

Latest Origin release assures business continuity for live and time-shifted video