November 15, 2012

Featured News

Wowza Media Server 3.5 Includes Support for Closed Captioning, Transcoder Overlays, and More

Modifications to the server also include HTTP origin delivery of ABR content into caching networks

Google Play Soon on Google TV in the U.K., Germany, and France

An announcement that Google Play was coming to Canada and Australia on the same date was rescinded, however.

BuyDRM and Fraunhofer Collaborate on HBO Go App

Streaming Media West attendees got a first look—and listen—at HBO Europe's HBO Go Android app.

Featured Articles

Best Practices for Cloud Video Workflows

A Streaming Media East panel helped attendees understand the different workflow solutions and make the best choice.

Streaming Servers 2012: New Features, New Opportunities

Adobe, Anevia, CodeShop, Microsoft, and RealNetworks talked last week at the Video Infrastructure Summit about their servers' latest features and what we can look for next

Haivision: How to Bridge the Gap Between Enterprise and Internet

Streaming video inside a closed network or to the public internet only is simple; getting video inside or out of a corporate network, however, is a challenge.

Industry News

WEBCAST - multicamera live streaming systems by STREAMSTAR a.s.

STREAMSTAR a.s. | | STREAMSTAR announces WEBCAST CASE and WEBCAST SYSTEM KIT A new bread of Live Multicamera Streaming Production systems.

FRANCE 24 expands to brand new regions with Yamgo Mobile TV

The number one French news channel, France 24, has signed a deal with Yamgo TV to distribute the latest headlines and breaking news to viewers around the globe via mobile devices and computers.