January 25, 2024

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Leveraging Metadata and User Data for OTT and FAST Monetisation

Nothing makes recommendation engines—and every other means of profit-making leverage—go, go, go like data in its many varieties. Metadata in particular is the key to personalising viewer experiences and optimising content portfolios. AI plays an ever-greater role in enhancing the metadata quality and improving recommendations. As analysts focused on the M&E industry and insiders at major media companies playing critical strategic roles agree, data is also essential to understanding customer journeys and making informed decisions on how to reach and retain subscribers and, on the ad-supported side, deliver the right ads to audiences and the right audiences to brands.

Future in Focus

Is 2024 the Year of WebRTC?

With large sports-streaming operators, WebRTC provides a real opportunity for ultra-low-latency streaming. But those same operators, which spend billions on licensing rights, can't afford to just swap the ability to stream content in real time for basic OTT functionality like SSAI and DRM.

Industry News

Ateliere Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS to Redefine Content Creation and Delivery for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Five Year Strategic Collaboration Agreement to Transform Media Production Through Distribution Workflows in the B2B Supply Chain

AJA BRIDGE LIVE Helps BCC Live Meet Encoding/Decoding Demands Across Productions

To support a broad range of encoding/decoding demands, BCC Live invested in an AJA BRIDGE LIVE IP video workflow bridge.

Magewell Joins Q-SYS Technology Partner Program and Unveils First Plugin

The Q-SYS Certified plugin for Magewell’s USB Fusion seamlessly integrates Magewell’s video capture, mixing and presentation device to extend the Q-SYS Ecosystem

The Future of FAST – What to Expect from 2024

It’s no surprise that great new content, hyper-personalization, AI and improved user experience are top of the FAST agenda for 2024. 2023 witnessed a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, technological advancements, and collaborative efforts within the i

Vbrick Unveils Powerful AI Enhancements, Driving the Future of Video in the Enterprise

Vbrick has unveiled several new AI capabilitie within its video platform, transforming content management at scale, automating tasks, improving accessibility, and simplifying processes across the enterprise.

Vbrick AI Automates Intelligent Video Delivery for ServiceNow® Workflows

Today, Vbrick has expanded its partnership and integration with the ServiceNow platform, automating video delivery within ServieNow to improve knowledge sharing, process efficiency and employee experience.

Bitmovin and Nomad Media team up with the Recording Academy® again to deliver high-quality video streams for the 2024 GRAMMYs ®

The Recording Academy® has chosen Bitmovin and Nomad Media for the 2nd year in a row to deliver the live stream for the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards®