June 22, 2023

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Nominate Now for the 2023 Innovation Awards

We're accepting nominations now in 14 categories for the only awards in the industry chosen by the people who actually use the products and services. Nominations close 26 June.

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Warner Bros. Discovery SVP Renard T. Jenkins Talks About Managing WBD's Massive Production Pipeline

Figuring out how Warner Bros. Discovery can pick the best technology to manage its massive production pipeline is what Renard T. Jenkins and his team do. Jenkins and I spoke on Zoom in late March about how those choices have changed in the past few years, his thoughts on machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI), and the unique demands of leading technology teams.

Class Act

Follow-the-Presenter Tools for DIY Instructional Videos

Until fairly recently, if a teacher wanted to produce a DIY instructional video untethered to a fixed point in front of a camera, they'd need to remotely control either a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) head or a multicamera switcher. With the arrival of competent and inexpensive facial recognition software, several consumer videoconferencing cameras now offer automatic framing to allow teachers or other presenters to move around a scene to better engage with viewers and interact with props and visual aids.

Short Cuts

id3as CEO Adrian Roe Intros Norsk Low Code Live Video SDK

Adrian Roe of id3as sits down with Tim Siglin to introduce Norsk low code live video SDK in this interview from Streaming Media East 2023.

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IBC2023 Picks Up Momentum as Global Players Drive Demand for Show Floor Space and Key Exhibitors Expand their Footprint

• Bookings have boomed since the start of May with over 80 companies signing contracts – taking the total to over 1,000 • Many returning exhibitors are increasing, even doubling their show floor space • New IBC Exhibitor Steering Group brings new energ

MwareTV Collaborates with Alibaba Cloud to Provide One-stop Video Services

• Multi-channel service including interactive television, catch-up and VoD, and AI-driven content recommendations • MwareTV’s one-stop Video Services accessible through Alibaba Cloud Marketplace • Will also run on Alibaba Cloud, distributed through Alib

Introducing FAST Channels TV: Enabling global reach for content providers and distribution platforms

In a recent interview, Russell Foy, the CEO of FAST Channels TV, discussed the company's unique approach to "free ad-based streaming TV" and how the company is revolutionizing the industry by helping content providers, ISPs, and distribution platforms con

Haivision Video Wall Technology Helps ALERTCalifornia Establish Situational Awareness to Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from Natural Disasters

Haivision Command 360 software provides critical visual intelligence to detect fire and other conditions that pose a threat to property and public safety in California