June 23, 2022

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Survey: The Business Value of Real-Time Streaming

Real-time streaming at global scale has long been the holy grail for live delivery, and a new Streaming Media survey looks to gain insight into both the current state of real-time streaming and where it's headed in the near future, particularly for sports and betting.

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Announcing the 2022 Streaming Media European Innovation Awards

We've renamed our annual readers' choice awards, but it's still the only awards programme in the industry that gives a voice to the people who matter most—the ones who actually use these products and services every day. We're now accepting nominations in 16 categories, until 24 June.

Short Cuts

Why FAST Is Growing Slower Outside the U.S.

Sony's Nick Colsey, XUMO's Stefan Van Engen, and Amagi's Paul Brickel discuss advertising and other factors that impact Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST)'s global maturation and expansion in this clip from Streaming Media Connect 2022.

Industry News

EU Commission promotes the development of new image compression method codec which aims to increase quality and reduce data volume in video streaming

The codec is designed to imitate the neuronal processes of the human eye and thus reduce the file size of images by a factor of ten while maintaining the same quality. This technology is being developed by London-based AI startup Deep Render. German lives

ATP Media Scales Delivery of Valuable Live Match Content with M2A CONNECT

ATP Media chooses M2A Media’s cloud IP transport service to automate, optimise and manage the delivery of its live match feeds via the cloud

Elecard Webinar “QoS QoE Monitoring Strategies for Sports/eSports Streaming”

Elecard teamed up with Videon and Diantis System House to cover sports and eSports streaming technologies, practices to troubleshoot QoS & QoE issues, HW and latency requirements, UDP/SRT/RIST streaming protocols, delivery networks with video source, tran