Survey: The Business Value of Real-Time Streaming

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Almost every time we talk about "next-generation streaming," one goal rises to the top: delivering a real-time stream to almost any point of the globe, synchronized close enough between devices that anything from gameshows to sports books can use the stream to advance their business objectives.

Given that aspiration, which has been part of ongoing conversations for more than a quarter of a century, it's not surprising there's been significant research and development effort over the years focused on making this idea a reality.

As pointed out in my recent Streaming Media Sourcebook article "The State of Real-Time Streaming," these efforts seem to come in waves. And while each of the four previous five-year waves of R&D effort made some progress toward the goal of delivering content across the globe at scale, each has invariably suffered from a lack of scalability,

This most recent wave has been different enough, with significant R&D breakthrough on a number of fronts, that there's been a shift in the last two years from discussing the technical merits to rolling out actual real-time streaming platforms. Alongside those rollouts, we've been able to start thinking about the business value and key use cases.

As part of that effort, the team at Streaming Media, alongside a key sponsor and the Help Me Stream Research Foundation, today launched a survey focused on the business value of real-time streaming.


We want your personal and professional perspective on the business value of real-time streaming, and we encourage anyone in the streaming industry who's ever dreamed of rolling out this type of solution to take the survey over the next few weeks.

For purposes of the survey, we are defining real-time streaming as being "device-synchronized delivery to hundreds of thousands of viewers at less than 500 milliseconds per user."

One area that the survey covers is the benefits organizations might derive from the use of real-time streaming for their customer base. Sports organizations, from broadcasters to team owners to the leagues the teams play in, are some of the most likely to benefit from real-time streaming. As such, the survey asks questions about personal sports consumption, so all you sports fans will want to head on over to the surveyto tell us how you watch the “big game” on multiple devices. While you're there, also tell us about whether you or our organization are interested in sports book and microwagering, another trend that goes hand-in-hand with sports viewership by rabid fan and casual fan alike.

Those who complete the survey, which is anonymous, also have an option to leave their email address to be entered into a drawing to win an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

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