March 03, 2022

Featured News

MPEG LA VVC Licensing Terms: What Do They Mean for the Streaming Industry?

Who's contributing to the two VVC patent pools, and will the combined royalties accelerate or discourage adoption? We sat down with two industry experts and the CEOs of both MPEG LA and Access Advance to get their insights.

Short Cuts

How to Maximize Reach for Your Live Streaming Clients

VideoRx's Robert Reinhardt, LiveX's Corey Behnke, and SLV Live's Shawn Lam discuss how live streaming producers can (and in many cases, must) educate their clients on how to make sure the right viewers see their streams in this clip from Streaming Media West Connect 2021.

Why Reach and Frequency Matter in Streaming Ad Insertion

Roku's Adam Markey and CBS Interactive's Jared Willichinsky explain why reach and frequency are consistently hot-button issues in the world of ad tech and streaming ad insertion in this clip from Streaming Media West Connect 2021.

Industry News

Vimond Chosen to Power Revolutionary Thrive360 Wellbeing Service

Thrive360, an immersive wellness platform connecting mental prosperity with virtual reality, picks Vimond as their OTT CMS.

NewsPlayer+ The Global News Streaming Platform Suspends RT

RT (formerly known as Russia Today) has been suspended with immediate effect by the UK-headquartered global streaming news platform NewsPlayer+.