Bridge Lets Publishers Monitor Stream Quality From an iPhone

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Monitoring and analysis company Bridge Technologies has introduced an iPhone app that makes examining network performance portable. Named PocketProbe, the app is designed for ease-of-use, delivering constant performance measures for streaming media.

To use PocketProbe, input a stream URL. The app then locates all the related profiles and validates the consistency. The display shows the profile's programmed and actual bps (bits per second). The app validates chunk size against downloading time, and also provides alarms for oversizing, manifest syntax, sequence age disparity, and non-updates of sequence for live streams. The app's display shows real chunk behavior.

Bridge customers will appreciate that the app includes the same OTT Engine used in the company's VB1, VB2, and 10G VB3 digital media monitoring probes. Target customers are service engineers and operational staff, who can use the app to test real world behaviors. Bridge says that using the app post-cloud, combined with pre-cloud hardware probes, gives a perfect view of CDN and provider abilities.

PocketProbe is available in free and paid versions. The free version can validate five HLS streams in round-robin mode, providing analysis, alarms, and a graphical display of chunk download patterns. The paid version goes for $169.99, adding the ability to validate HDS and SmoothStream manifest files. It can store 25 streams with each profile.

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