Mixmoov Showcases New API at Streaming Media Europe

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At Streaming Media Europe, Mixmoov today debuted a new automatic video generation API for its eponymous cloud video editing technology. The API is intended for SMEs and website owners and separates the user interface and the video-generation technology in the backend. The first user, French publishing group IPS, is demonstrating a service built using the technology on the exhibition floor.

“We are very excited about this,” says Hareesh Vazhaparampil, senior product manager. “This is different from previous Mixmoov announcements which addressed new features to our flagship interface and systems. This time the interface can be left to the client, who can choose to use our standard interface or to customise it. The API opens up new possibilities for developers and systems integrators who can create their own experience and leave the heavy lifting to us. It will enable us to be present in many more markets and will put a lot of power into the hands of those who want to make changes to the user experience.”

The API allows developers and SI's to create new video editing services by developing their own interfaces and using the powerful Mixmoov technology in the backend to generate videos. Developers can send input media including videos, images and music to the Mixmoov service through the API with a video structure description and get the generated videos in return.

Mixmoov's API allows customers to use their own interfaces or the standard interface

“It has a three-step interface: select a theme, upload media, and automatic video generation based on the template,” explains Vazhaparampil. “End users with no experience in video editing can easily create videos knowing that video generation is being managed by Mixmoov in the background.”

“Mixmoov fits perfectly with our video editing solution project,” says Sandro Cerminara, CEO of IPS Group, which has built its video ad creation platform Mapubvideo.com using the API. “Our technical teams worked very well together to produce an easy-to-use editing solution for advertisers.”

France's IPS Group is using Mixmoov's API for its new Mapubvideo.com video ad creation platform

Mixmoov's target market remains prosumer but as its platform becomes more feature-rich it may see more professional applications. “We have introduced full HD and frame-accurate cuts,” said Vazhaparampil. “This year we have seen interest in cloud video editing rise significantly both from prosumer and enterprise markets. It is exciting as we strive to innovate and provide the best online video editing experience.”

He provided two examples of the benefits of cloud-based editing for audience engagement and workflow. “The digital wing of alcohol brand Singha Beer sponsored a competition where fans of football club Manchester United [sponsored by Singha Beer] could rework video clips of the United team online and republish them. It was tightly controlled, since the only media used was provided by the sponsors and hosted online, but was a means of engaging fans in the campaign.

"In terms of workflow, if changes are required to made to video posted online then conventionally this would require the download, modification, and re-upload of the original. With cloud editing using Mixmoov, which is already integrated with leading OVPs like Kaltura, Brightcove and ThePlatform they can use our integrated editor and publish almost instantly. The feedback and feed-forward loops can be significantly cut.”

Due to the potentially large community this addresses, Mixmoov favour requests via email—solutions [at] mixmoov.com—initially to manage the demand and release the planned self-service workflow after a few such projects go live.

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