Visible Measures Debuts Trends, Tool for Judging Video Campaigns

Getting reliable performance measurements for online video campaigns can be difficult, since there are so many different areas to consider. A brand or agency might look at total impressions, impressions within a target group, pass-along rates, click-through rates, or several other factors. To simplify the chore of gathering and comparing campaign intelligence, Visible Measures has released Trends, a Web-based application for benchmarking online video.

Trends delivers a wide range of performance metrics, letting advertisers identify the criteria important to them, then compare results to hundreds of other online video campaigns. They can choose to look at total views, comments, placements, and demographic breakdowns. Visible Measures says the application can be used to plan and forecast new campaigns, and to provide market research.

The third-party measurement company is offering three data sets for Trends, each available immediately on an annual subscription basic. In addition, it's offering free access to a beta that looks at the top viral video ads.

• The Social Video Campaigns collection contains data for hundreds of brand-driven promotions, and lets users drill down to find targeted data for specific groups. They could research car campaigns that feature celebrities, for example, or beverage ads that appeal to women 24-36.

• The Online Film Trailers collection includes data for more than 100 online film trailers. Subscribers can look at action films set to release on a specific weekend or comedies that appeal to men 18-27, for example. Information can be sorted by release time or for over 20 genres.

• The Super Bowl Ads collection includes online performance data for all of this year's Super Bowl spots. Available for a limited time, it lets subscribers sort by industry, advertising agency, brand, and creative approach.

To get people interested and show what its applications can do, Visible Measures is offering a free public beta that looks at a growing list of over 100 top-performing viral video ads.

"With Trends, organizations can better understand the effectiveness of their online video advertising campaigns and compare their performance against historical norms, competitors in their industry, and against campaigns targeting similar demographic audiences," said Brian Shin, founder and CEO of Visible Measures, in a press release.

If you're interested or want to sign up for the free beta, visit The video below shows the Trends interface and controls.

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