Executive Predictions 2023 : Next-gen Video Refresh Strategies Integrate IPTV Into Corporate IT Networks

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Over the past two decades, video applications have emerged as a mainstream technology supporting the achievement of mission-critical organisational objectives. Once reserved for the largest organisations that could afford to allocate resources for dedicated RF video infrastructures, the emergence of IPTV has democratised access to video as a critical enterprise resource. Video traffic on enterprise networks represents one of the fastest-growing categories of traffic flowing through corporate networks. Businesses are now tasked with delivering vast amounts of material across infrastructures. Doing so optimally has become the numberone priority.

There are, however, still a significant number of organisations that—for many reasons—have not, until now, made the move to enterprise IPTV. But that is beginning to change. IPTV has emerged as a proven high-performance solution that delivers a consistent digital bit stream of content to any terminal across the enterprise network. This is a huge advantage—and one of the reasons many companies are keen to transition to IPTV.

For those that have made the transition, the outcome has been very successful; they have saved their organisation money and freed up resources to engage in value-added activities. In 2023, this refresh is likely to continue apace.

Read more about the continuing shift to IPTV distribution in VITEC’s Blog: vitec.com/blog/editorials/ next-gen-video-refresh-strategies

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