Announcing the 2022 Streaming Media European Innovation Awards

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For 14 years, the Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards has been the only awards programme of its kind in the online video industry, because it "does what it says on the tin:" Rewards companies and products based on the experiences and assessments of our readers, the people who actually use those products and services. That hasn't changed, though the name has. We're calling it the Streaming Media European Innovation Awards, to reflect that the winners inevitably reflect technologies, platforms, and products that are on the cutting edge. 

We've also introduced three new categories, all of which highlight that cutting-edge focus: The Streaming Media Innovation of the Year, with three subcategories—media & entertainment, sports, and corporate/enterprise. Here, we're looking for the innovations that really stand head and shoulders above the rest, and have had a notable impact on those market verticals. You can find the complete list of categories at the end of this article.

Make sure your product or service is nominated for the awards by completing and submitting the form available here before 24 June. You may submit the same product or service in multiple categories, but you may not submit more than one nomination from the same company in a single category. Though only end users are permitted to vote, vendors may submit nominations for their products and services to be considered.

Streaming Media’s editorial team evaluates all submissions to make sure they fit their categories, and final nominees are announced on 8 July when online voting opens. Voting will remain open until 25 July. The top 3 finalists in each category will be announced on our website in early September, and the winners will be announced in the Autumn issue of Streaming Media's European magazine, on, and published in Streaming Media Europe Xtra newsletter.

We recognise that many vendors are global and have headquarters both in Europe and the U.S. (or elsewhere). These awards are designed to recognise companies that focus on the European market, and while we will allow nominations for and from companies with headquarters anywhere in the world, they need to select whether they want to be included in the European Innovation Awards or the Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards, which we'll be launching later this summer. Inclusion in one precludes inclusion in the other.


The categories:

Streaming Media Innovation of the Year: Media & Entertainment, Sports, and Corporate/Enterprise

The cream of the crop—the technologies, products, or services that had the biggest impact in their respective markets. The ones that stopped you in your tracks and made you say "WOW!"

Cloud Workflow Solution

Whether it's editing, media management, live production switching, or encoding and transcoding, more and more workflows are moving to the cloud. This category recognises the solution that most effectively and efficiently takes workflows from on-prem to the cloud,

Content Delivery & Distribution

Content delivery is undergoing a revolution, and technologies like the edge, open caching, and ultra-low latency live streaming are changing the game. Which content delivery network or solution rises above the rest?

Content Protection & Monetisation

Whether you're monetising your content via SVOD, AVOD, FAST, or TVOD, you need some sort of content protection and monetisation strategy -and likely use a platform or service to make sure you maintain control over your video once it's published.  

Corporate Video Platform

Corporate video was already growing steadily, but since 2020 it's become a crucial piece of any business's communications strategy. There's no shortage of platforms and services on the market, from basic videoconferencing to full-featured virtual events. Which one won your business - or at least your admiration?

Encoding/Transcoding Solution

Encoding and transcoding are still at the heart of streaming video, and solutions abound. We're looking for the service or technology that offers the best combination of video quality, efficiency, and cost.

Hardware/Software Server

We know what you're thinking: What is this, 2005? Well, there's still plenty of need for on-prem, hardware- or software-based video server tech, and it'd be a shame if we didn't recognise that, wouldn't it?

Live Streaming Platform/Service 

Along with the explosion in corporate video has come an accompanying growth in live video of all forms. To compete today, live streaming platforms and services need to offer myriad features alongside rock-solid video. Which one stands out? (Note: We've got a separate category that focuses specifically on ultra-low-latency, real-time, interactive streaming.)

Media Asset Management

More video means more video assets, and the old solutions for storing, managing, and moving video just don't cut it anymore. What's your go-to for managing your media?

Mobile Video Solution

We do almost everything with our phones these days, including create and distribute video. This category is designed to acknowledge apps and platforms that are making it easier to shoot, edit, distribute, and yes, watch video on phones and tablets.

OTT Video Platform

Which platform or service offers the most features and options for delivering OTT video to multiple devices? The focus here is on VOD, but we'll consider live-linear-focused platforms as well.

QoS/QoE Platform

The adage says "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." So what technology is doing the best job of measuring quality of service or quality of experience?

Real-Time Streaming Solution

The latency associated with most live streaming just isn't good enough for auctions, gaming, and any other application that requires audience interactivity. So who's best at delivery "real-time" video?

Video Advertising Solution

Ad-supported OTT is on the rise, and with it comes new challenges. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions on the market to help publishers maximise advertising revenue while minimising complexity.


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