52% Would Stop Watching Pirated Video if Educated, Says Irdeto

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Perhaps the best way to stop online video piracy is with education, says streaming security company Irdeto. After surveying 25,000 adults in 30 countries, it says 52 percent of people watch pirated video, but 48 percent of them would stop or watch it less often if they were educated about the effects of piracy on the media industry.

The effects of education would be most dramatic in Latin America and Asia, the survey finds. If educated about lost studio revenues, 55 percent of viewers in Asia and 59 percent in Latin America would stop or watch less. Education wouldn't be quite as successful in Europe and the U.S.: 45 percent of those in Europe and 38 percent in the United States would watch less pirated video if educated. In those markets, Irdeto suggests people should also be informed that pirate sites often use malware to steal personal information.

Irdeto found evidence of what it calls an awareness gap in illegal activity: Worldwide, 70 percent of consumers understand that producing or sharing pirated video is illegal, but only 59 percent know that streaming or downloading pirated video is illegal, as well. The big outlier in Irdeto's data is Russia, where 87 percent don’t think producing or sharing pirated video is illegal and 66 percent believe downloading or viewing that content isn't illegal.

For more, view the full global survey (no registration required).

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