Aframe Improves Performance, Metrics in Fall Product Release

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The cloud video production system Aframe announced its latest product release, one with enough new features that it's significantly more than a routine update. The Fall 2014 release, as it's known, helps customers with speed, efficiency, and cost improvements.

Aframe's metrics dashboard now offers views on cloud video storage usage, file transfers, and per-account-seat allocation. It also displays information on shared links, showing who is using what resources. Aframe says that users can see at-a-glance where links were shared and how many times shared videos were viewed.

This version offers a 5x performance boost, meaning that pages load five times faster than with the previous Aframe version six months ago. The user interface also lets customers see more clips on each page.

The Aframe desktop client makes sharing clips easier thanks to the new automated "share to many" capability. Users can drag-and-drop clips and have them automatically transcoded into an H.264 viewing copy, or also transcoded into one or more broadcast standards, then distributed to team members in any location.

Other improvements include expanded team member role-based access rights, integration with Adobe Prelude that captures metadata along with rough-cut footage, and AES encryption for uploaded and downloaded video.

Aframe will show the new features at the Content & Communications World expo starting tomorrow in New York City.

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