Smartclip Launches SmartX for Programmatic Ad Buying

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Smartclip, a global brand advertising firm specializing in video ads, has launched SmartX, a platform that offers programmatic video ad buying in a private exchange for the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Smartclip is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Programmatic buying means using automated rules to complete media purchases. It automates what was previously a manual process, and has proven a hot topic for the advertising industry.

The SmartX Platform lets advertisers execute online video campaigns using RTB (real-time bidding), programmatic controls, and guaranteed inventory. The platform includes multiplatform ad delivery, letting publisher and advertisers work with mobile devices and connected TVs.

Smartclip calls SmartX "the next generation of online video advertising," and notes that creating the platform took 18 months and cost several million dollars. Advertisers and agencies can make purchases at scale while delivering relevant ads to target consumers. The platform delivers strong revenue opportunities while allowing publishers control over their data, notes Smartclip public relations.

According to Smartclip's COO, Roland Schaber, his company has seen strong demand for programmatic buying for premium inventory. The SmartX platform offers "unparalleled efficiency," he notes.

SmartX differs from the competition, says company CTO Ricky McClellen, by protecting the commercial sites involved. Rather that simply offering an auction interface, SmartX appeals to publishers by eliminating the risks in offering automated access to the video inventory.

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