Screenpulse Brings Digital Ad Targeting to Broadcast Media

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Screenpulse announced today that it's branching out with a new advertising technology platform intended to bring the targeting abilities of online advertising to traditional broadcast media.

Based in Paris, France, Screenpulse has until now been known an ACR (automatic content recognition) company that helps advertisers monitor TV spots in real-time. Now its expanding its offerings with the goal of providing TV and radio ad buyers with the same level of targeting that digital ad buyers enjoy. With its optimization tools, it says, buyers can track, analyze, and measure campaign performance. That data will let them more effectively target their desired customers.

Its optimization tools are inspired by digital ad offerings but tailored for mass media, Screenpulse says, adding that its tools let TV and radio ads have a greater impact on a larger audience. According to Magna Global, total worldwide advertising revenue will grow to $536 billion this year.

Traditional forms of media continue to dominate ad investment on an international basis,” says Frank Gana, Screenpulse's president. “We are incredibly excited about our global roll-out in order to provide far more capable tools that track, analyze, and optimize these spends by using the most cutting edge of technologies.”

Screenpulse was founded in 2013. 

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