Nokia Gets Strong Results with Tremor inRoll Interactive Video Ad

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Tremor Video recently expanded its European efforts, and now its showing off the results of that push. The online video ad network introduced its vChoice inRoll interactive video to the European market with a campaign for Nokia's E7 mobile phone, and garnered impressive engagement and interaction rates.

The inRoll format lets viewers interact with the promoted product for longer than 30 seconds and doesn't interrupt the video they originally clicked on. Tremor Video (formerly Tremor Media) reports that the ad charted interaction rates that were six times higher than similar ads in the U.S., and engagement rates that were 100 percent higher.

Part of that may be due to novelty, says Dan Ruch, vice president of Europe, noting that the U.S. market is has seen plenty of the ads. The campaign ran on Tremor's network of premium content sites in March and April, showing engagement rates of 4.3 percent.

"It allows the brand to have a conversation with the consumer," says Ruch of the ads. Once viewers enter the ad, Tremor is able to track their activity. Viewers can choose what features of the phone they want to hear more about or link to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. That allowed Tremor to offer Nokia deeper insights about consumer interest.

"It was a really exciting opportunity to work with a very well known brand to drive value using the power of online video as an interactive medium," says Ruch.

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Tues., June 2, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen