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Tremor Media Introduces New Interactive Ad Format
Called vChoice, the format includes a menu of clickable options after a short teaser.
Tues., June 2, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

As the line between content and advertising gets ever-more-blurred, Tremor Media has introduced a new ad format that allows advertisers to include a menu of content choices within a video ad.

Called vChoice, the format appears designed to give viewers more control over how they experience ads at the same time it gives advertisers more flexibility in the kinds of ad content they can offer, from standard video clips to interactive games to direct links to their own or third-party websites. In demos on Tremor Media's site, you can see examples for various products, such as a Garmin GPS ad that includes links to a tutorial, photo gallery, and the Garmin website. Viewers can select one of those options as well as choose to view the video ad; if they make no selection, they'll be taken directly to the tutorial.

Other examples on the Tremor demo page include a Land of the Lost ad that begins with a ten-second teaser trailer, then opens to a menu page including a link to another teaser, the full trailer, and the movie website. But most compelling is a demo for the upcoming release of the classic Woodstock documentary, in which viewers are presented a tongue-in-cheek story of two hippies on their way to the festival and the ability to choose the direction of the story.

Sure, it's gimmicky—and it's nothing that couldn't be custom-built already—but it should also appeal to advertisers looking for any way possible to increase viewer engagement while using the Tremor Acudeo ad platform. Currently, Tremor boasts 900 site partners and boasts 57 million monthly unique video viewers of its network, according to a comScore report last month.

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