Nokia Debuts Predictive Optimisation and Multiscreen Ad Solutions

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By Adrian Pennington

A claimed industry-first 'predictive optimisation' service will simulate network conditions, allowing mobile operators to see the impact on subscriber video quality and to identify hotspots.

Nokia is launching the technology at IBC, based on its AVA platform and using its IP Video packages, combining patented algorithms with 'big data' analytics.

"Nokia is able to draw on its experience to provide operators with the most complete approach to simplifying their complex video delivery needs and enhancing the subscriber viewing experience," says Paul Larbey, head of the firm's IP video business. "We are the first to apply predictive analytics to network planning and optimisation for video, allowing operators to uncover real insight into their network and benefit from cost and operational efficiencies now and in the future."

Nokia is quoting a Bell Labs Consulting Mobility report which predicts audio and video streaming will account for 79 percent of increased data traffic by 2020.

The service will show the impact of network coverage, cell interference, and traffic congestion on video quality. It allows mobile operators to adjust network conditions to see the affect on video quality before changes are made in the real-world. Using the service, buffering times for video—such as YouTube—are claimed to decrease by up to 40 percent.

Nokia IP video packages are described as a suite of systems integration services that leverage Nokia and third party products to "enhance legacy TV platforms." Among its claimed benefits are that it allows delivery of restart and catch-up TV and recording services and extended VOD libraries and that it enhances the user experience with quicker video start times and faster UI rendering for thumbnails, images and posters.

Multiscreen Advertising Solution

The Velocix Multiscreen Advertising Solution, also launched today, is designed to help operators tap additional revenue as they shift content to the cloud. Nokia's solution, which supports ad insertion and replacement for linear TV, time-shifted TV and video on demand, is available today. Nokia is conducting trials with several operators in the U.S.

Larbey claims it as "the first truly scalable ad insertion solution in the market and supports a sound strategy to deliver profitable cloud TV services."

The tool builds on Nokia’s Velocix Personalisation Platform, which collects individual viewing information context and "presents it to an ad decision server to ensure the value of every ad placement." Session-based tracking captures every single viewing experience, determines whether an ad reaches its intended target viewer and delivers that data to operators to demonstrate value for ad buyers.

When deployed with the optional Velocix Media Delivery Platform, Nokia’s distributed content delivery network, the solution allows manipulation of the content and caching of ads closer to subscribers.

"This leads to a superior end-user experience, simpler operations and more efficient use of network resources," says Larbey.

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