NewBay Offers Adaptation and Delivery Module for Just-in-Time Video

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Dublin-based NewBay Software is adding to its LifeCache suite, which lets users store and share rich media and related services, with a new component called the Adaptation and Delivery Manager (ADM). This component lets content providers save video storage space and costs by transcoding files only when they're needed.

With the fracturing of video formats and the rise of mobile devices, content owners need to deliver video in dozens of formats and bitrates. One megabyte of video can turn into six megabytes of storage, says NewBay.

The LifeCache ADM saves that space by providing just-in-time encoding. The component manages pools of dedicated hardware and software transcoders that can detect the needs of the browser and device requesting a file, and then transcode the file in real-time. ADM also creates smart video-aware caches for subsequent requests.

The company promises that using ADM  results in a 60 percent savings on storage needs. The component also works with image and audio files.

"Consumers want continuous access to digital content streams, everywhere and from any device. Video snacking on the mobile phone, on the tablet, and on the big screen-they want it all and they do not want to pay too much for it," says Laura Allen Phillips, research analyst with Parks Associates. "To meet this demand, operators must find scalable, efficient, robust and cost effective solutions like the LifeCache Platform developed by NewBay that enables users to store video in the cloud and instantly access it across the consumer's entertainment ecosystem."

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