Netflix Announces Pricing, Dates for Spain, Portugal, and Italy

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Subscription video-on-demand company Netflix announced in June that it would debut service in Spain, Portugal, and Italy in October, but, as is typical for the company, didn't mention the pricing or dates. Now, the company has announced that it will start operation in Spain on October 20, Portugal on October 21, and Italy on October 22. A monthly subscription in each company will cost €8 per month. That plan offers one high-definition stream at a time. A €10 standard plan allows for two HD streams at once, while the €12 premium plan allows for four 4K streams at once.

In June, Netflix said it would offer subtitles and dubbing in Italy and Spain, and subtitles alone in Portugal.

Netflix often commissions local content for its various markets, and Advanced Television reported last week that it's in talks with local production companies to create original series.

In mid-August, Netflix raised prices across Europe by €1 for its standard plan. In a letter to subscribers, Netflix said it needs to raise prices to “continue providing good series and films."

Rumors suggest that the SVOD leader will expand into the Czech Republic and Iceland next. In June, The Times of India reported that Netflix would come to India in 2016, but there's been no official announcement.

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