Jinni Debuts its First Set-Top Box, Released through Belgacom

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Jinni is expanding and it's getting into hardware. Followers know the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company for its recommendation software, which has been licensed by Microsoft and helps viewers find programs and movies that fit their taste and mood. Now, Jinni is releasing its first set-top box in partnership with Belgian IPTV operator Belgacom.

Using the set-top box, Belgacom subscribers will gain enhanced discovery for both linear TV and video-on-demand content. Those who opt in will be able to view personalized "taste channels" filled with custom recommendations. Customers will be able to input their current mood to view appropriate content.

For those who want to see the most appropriate live content at any time, the box's "live for me" feature shows the most suitable live content currently airing.

Finally, the box's search tool does away with the familiar genre categories and lets viewers search for content using natural language. They might, for example, look for "funny and cynical friendships in the city."

The relationship between Jinni and Belgacom dates back to September, 2010, when Belgacom first partnered with Jinni. Belgacom also took part in Jinni's second round of startup funding in early 2011. Prior to this, Belgacom already offered a Jinni-powered online service, mobile app, and connected TV app.

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